Street Outlaws

Revised May 24, 2016


  1. Street Outlaw members are vehicles from the following geographical locations Kelowna, West Kelowna. Peachland, Winfield and Lake Country.
  2. Race dates and times will be determined the Thunder Mountain Raceway executive.
  3. Instant Green tree, 1/8 mile finish line, time slips issued after each run. If you leave before the green it is a loss.
  4. Race day fees dependent on race date, member or non members.
  5. The Street Outlaw Race Master will compile a competitor list of qualified street vehicles prior to race day event competition. The race master will provide an updated list of competitors after each round until race day completion.
  6. All challenges must go through the Race Master.
  7. Listed Street Outlaw members can only challenge the position above you their position.
  8. Competitors who are not on the Street Outlaw list can only challenge the last position on the list.
  9. If you are challenged to a race and claim to be broken. You will lose a position if the challenger defeats the position above yours.
  10. If you break during a run including the burnout it will be considered a loss.
  11. Street Outlaw members who are unable to race at TMR event remain on the list but lose to a maximum of two (2) positions for each missed race event.
  12. Prior to race season a mandatory cruise will announced by the Race Master. For those who are unable to attend can contact the Race Master and negotiate an alternative.
  13. Thunder Mountain Raceway membership is required.

Vehicle and Driver Eligibility

  1. All vehicles must be street driven, display a valid license plate, proof of vehicle registration and valid insurance.
  2. All drivers must have valid drivers licence.
  3. All vehicles must run D.O.T. approved street tires.
  4. All vehicles must be equipped with mufflers and a functional exhaust system.
  5. Bracket Racing Electronic are Not Permitted (i.e. delay box, throttle stop, etc)
  6. Line Locks, Two Steps, Tranny Brake, Air Shifter, Nitrous Controllers, Power Adders are allowed.
  7. All cars must be driven to the staging lanes and from the end of the run back to the pits.
  8. Towing to and from the staging lanes and from track top end to pits if not broken is grounds for disqualification.
  9. Stunting in the pits or on the return road is grounds for disqualification.
  10. Use of drugs or alcohol during competition is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be banned from the track.

Basic Rules and Regulations

  1. All vehicles must have seat belts or race harness.
  2. All vehicles must have radiators with minimum 16 oz overflow can.
  3. All vehicles must drain antifreeze from their cooling systems.
  4. No plastic or glass fuel filters allowed.
  5. No plastic oil pressure lines allowed.
  6. All vehicles must have glass or Lexan windshields free of cracks.
  7. All vehicles must have a functioning neutral safety switch.
  8. Batteries must be securely mounted (no bungee cords, rope, wire, etc.)
  9. Batteries cannot be located the driver or passenger compartment.
  10. Rear fire wall required when batteries relocated in the trunk.
  11. All truck mounted battery boxes must be vented to outside of the body
  12. Relocated batteries to the truck must have an identified rear master power cutoff switch installed at most rear of the vehicle.
  13. Trunk and passenger compartments must be empty prior to tech.
  14. Driver must wear full length pants, shirt, and closed shoes. T-shirts allowed.
  15. Not Allowed shorts, cutoffs, muscle shirts, open toe sandals, tank tops or nylon clothing.
  16. All stereo equipment, speakers and controllers must securely mounted.
  17. Passengers not allowed during any run.
  18. Drivers of cars running E.T. 8.85 or quicker is required to wear an IHRA approved Snell 2005 or newer helmet.
  19. A drive shaft loop is required as per IHRA rules.
  20. All car running 7.25 or quicker ET’s must have an IHRA approved roll bar. SFI approved seat belts and jacket. Standard transmission cars running 7.25 and quicker must have an SFI approved bell housing, flywheel and clutch.
  21. All cars running 6.95 or quicker must have an approved aftermarket axles, harmonic balancer and transmission shield meeting SFI 4.1. Any car running 6.95 or quicker that has major alterations to the firewall and /floor pans and/or exceed 135 MPH (regardless of ET) must have an IHRA approved roll cage and window net.
  22. Any car running 6.30 or quicker ET’s must have an IHRA approved roll cage and certified chassis. SFI approved flex plate, transmission shield, window net, master cutoff switch, SFI approved race jacket, pants and 3.31 gloves and neck collar.
  23. Nitrous Oxide (N02) – Nitrous bottles in located in the driver’s compartment be equipped with pressure relief valve and vented to the outside of the vehicle. All Nitrous bottles must be securely mounted with metal brackets, stamped with and meet the minimum DOT 1800 PSSI rating and clearly identified as Nitrous Oxide.
  24. Competitor licensing as per IHRA rules (only good at Thunder Mountain Raceway).