Tech Rules

This list in no way supersedes or replaces 2016 IHRA Rule Book. These are items that have led to problems over the years. We have learned a lot of lessons the hard way. Let us share that experience with you so you don’t have to learn the hard way. Times listed are for 1/8 mile.

TIRES Street legal, DOT approved treaded tires, front and rear. Tires will be inspected for overall condition (Bare cords not permitted). Racing slicks permitted. Metal screw in valve stems mandatory in race tires front and rear on vehicles running 8.0 or quicker.

WHEELS All wheel studs, with full complement of lug nuts required. (Broken studs/missing lugs must be replaced before racing). Hub caps must be removed for inspection of lugs.

WINDSHIELD Mandatory; must be in good condition and free from cracks, OEM windshield may not be cut for scoops, carbs etc.; window tint must meet the applicable provincial requirements. Windows MUST be CLOSED during races

DRIVESHAFT LOOP Driveshaft loop required on all vehicles running 8.0 or quicker, except vehicles running 8.0 seconds or slower equipped with street tires.

LINES & HOSES All fuel, transmission, brake and power steering lines must be secure and free of leaks. A maximum of 12 inches total (front to rear) of non-metallic or non-steel braided hoses is permitted for connection purposes only. Oil pressure gauge and line permitted in driver compartment, metal or steel braided line mandatory.

RADIATOR All cars in competition with any type of water overflow capable of spilling water must have a catch can to accumulate the excess liquids and prevent leaking onto the track. Minimum catch can capacity one pint. Catch can must be securely fastened.

MASTER CUT-OFF Mandatory on any car with a battery running 6.49 or quicker. Or any car exceeding 110 mph or on any car where the battery is relocated into the trunk area


7.50 and slower MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS – FULL LENGTH PANTS, SHORT OR LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT, CLOSED SHOES AND SOCKS. No shorts, no bare legs, no bare torsos, no tank tops, no open toe or open-heel shoes or sandals. Synthetic clothing not recommended.

6.50 to 7.49 All ET non-OEM supercharged, non-OEM turbo-charged, or nitrous equipped cars with an OEM or .024” inch steel firewall – JACKET MEETING SFI SPEC. 3.2A1 MANDATORY

6.49 second or faster – Jacket, pants, gloves, shoes, neck collar SFI 3.3/5 MANDATORY

HELMET Helmets are mandatory for all drivers. Helmet must meet SNELL 2005 or better standards. A label inside the helmet is proof of SNELL acceptance.

SEATS Must be securely fastened to floor or frame with minimum of 4 attaching bolts and nuts. NO sheet metal screws.

SEAT BELTS All vehicles must have a MINIMUM OEM TYPE LAP BELT SYSTEM securely mounted to frame or floor per OEM. Three-inch driver restraint system meeting SFI Spec 16.1 mandatory in any car running 7.49 or quicker, in convertibles running 8.00 or quicker, and all dune-buggy type vehicles running 7.50 or slower. SFI 16.1 restraint system, when required, includes crotch strap and must be updated at two-year intervals from date of manufacture.

BATTERIES/BALLAST Batteries must be secured per OEM, or with minimum of 2 – 3/8 inch diameter bolts (No bungee straps, cords, etc.) Loose ballast is not permitted on the race track, so be prepared to empty trunks and interiors of all loose items. Spare tires, jacks etc. must be securely mounted or must be removed. Tools, jack stands, coolers, loose speakers etc will NOT be permitted to go down the racetrack. IF you don’t need it or don’t want to leave it unattended, leave it at home.

NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH ALL vehicles with automatic transmissions must be equipped with an operational Neutral safety Switch. The Neutral Safety Switch prevents the vehicle’s starter from turning the engine over unless the transmission is in Park or Neutral. On manual transmission vehicles that are equipped with an OEM clutch switch, starter can only be active when clutch pedal is depressed.

NITROUS OXIDE Bottles must be stamped as meeting DOT 1800lb standards, and must be securely bolted to frame or floor (no bungee straps, hose clamps etc.) All fittings, hoses etc. must be compatible from same manufacturer, properly vented to outside of driver compartment.

ROLL BAR 6 point roll bar mandatory in all cars (including T-tops) running 7.0 to 7.49, in convertibles running 7.00 to 8.00, and in all dune-buggy-type vehicles running .5 seconds and slower. Permitted in all cars.

ROLL CAGE A roll cage is mandatory in cars running 6.49 or quicker or any car running 120 mph. In full-bodied cars, with unaltered firewall, floor and body (from firewall rearward, wheel tubs permitted), running between 6.50 and 7.49, roll bar permitted in place of roll cage. In convertibles running 7.0 or quicker, roll cage mandatory.

REAR END Aftermarket axles and axle-retention device mandatory on any car running 7.49 or quicker or any car with locked differential.

TRANSMISSION Automatic Spring-loaded, positive reverse lockout device and functional neutral safety switch mandatory. Transmission shield meeting SFI Spec 4.1 mandatory on any car running 6.99 or quicker. Automatic transmission flexplate meeting SFI Spec 29.1 and flexplate shield meeting SFI Spec mandatory on cars running 6.49.

BRAKES Four-wheel hydraulic brakes mandatory on any bodied car running 5.99 or quicker. Minimum two rear-wheel (one caliper per wheel) hydraulic brakes mandatory on dragsters, Funny Cars and any car running slower than 5.00 seconds. Dragsters running slower than 6.99 with a total car weight of 1000 pounds or less and a one-piece rear axle may use a single brake rotor with dual calipers.

MOTORCYCLES Must have front and rear brakes, chain guards, snap-back throttle is mandatory. Motorcycles running slick 7.0 seconds or faster must be equipped with a positive ignition cut-off ignition switch attached to the rider with a lanyard. OEM cutoff permitted. Metal screw-in valve stem mandatory in tubeless tires, front and rear on vehicles running 7.5 or quicker. Any pressurized container (air shifter bottles, nitrous bottles must be stamped as meeting DOT 1800 pound standards. LEATHER jackets, and LEATHER (above the ankle) shoes mandatory. Full face helmet labeled as meeting SNELL 2005 or better, mandatory (label is inside helmet). Full all LEATHER or SFI Spec 40.1/2 suit mandatory on motorcycles running 100 mph or faster.