Race 5

Well race fans the final race of the season is complete and I have the results here. (better late than never)
Saturday KOH/Gamblers race:
29 racers registered Saturday for the $1000 KOH race.
After several rounds of very tough racing it came down to the “Bill and Bill Show” Bill Boult facing off against,..
..wait for it.. Bill Hutton!, Thunder Mountains very own Tow Truck/Safety Safari operator and fire marshal.
The final was won by Bill Boult (congratulations) but the crowd favorite was for sure Bill Hutton wading through the field in “Old Brown”, Doug Dippels ’77 Ford pickup powered by a Stout 514 Big Block Ford out of the MotorTree Racing Camp. what a day of racing!
I want to mention young Jayden Deplonty was entered in this event, her first “official” bracket drag race. she went 2 rounds I believe. well done again.

Saturdays KOH qualifying and race rounds was backed up by the “Kelowna Street Outlaws” in a rare day race due to a rainout of the “Friday Night Instant green street Drags”
This portion of the day was again a huge success! Jordy Lazic was again holding off every and anything thrown at him. Kelly Madore ripped a very impressive 5.23 in a blistering side by side
5.23 run with Jordy. side by side 5.23’s..wow! However, at the end of the day, Nobody could match the UNREAL 5.17 at over 141mph that Jordan Lazic pulled off in the afternoon!
To say these street legal machines are fast would be a gross understatement! these insured, plated and street driven machines could run in the UPPER third of our Top Comp/Doorslammer class!! Continue reading

Race 4 2016

Another great race weekend has come to an end and we have the results right here..

For starters, the Friday Night Instant Green street drags enjoyed another great event with good car count and a fair sized crowd in the stands. approximate numbers were 30(ish) registered street racers and I think 16 or so “Kelowna Street Outlaws” The night was started by a terrible oil down on the FIRST pass of the night…ouch. Devon V. rolled his “Murder Nova” clone into the burnout box and spun up the tires, only to have the balancer separate from the crank snout..and in doing so, the balancer somehow managed to slice the front of the oilpan open and the machine evacuated all its fluid down the entire track and large section of the return road during his run…sploosh! .. On the upside, the track crew and several additional racers and crews had the track cleaned up and ready to race in just over a half hour. Even Devon was out there right away to help sweep, ..good man.

By the end of the night it was clear that Jordy Lazic was still the man to beat in the “Kelowna Street Outlaws” with a blistering 5.45 at over a hundred and thirty miles per hr ..WOW … for the regular instant green racers, the fast car in the Import ranks was a Nissan Skyline that went 8.14s …and Domestic fast pass was a ’07 supercharged stang that went 7.40-something I think. As soon as the night was over, Jordy and Roy loaded up at 11pm and headed for Rimbey Alberta for 10am qualifying for the Heads Up street event there… thats hardcore!

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Race 3 2016

How do I even Begin ?

How about this,  An All Time attendance record for the Friday Night Instant Greens ,.. A “Doorslammer” Record during the “Fastest Street Car Shootout”

.. And a NEW TRACK RECORD!!!!   BAM!!

This July weekend will go down in the history books as the biggest thing to hit Thunder Mountain since the Facility opened in ’95 with NITRO Cars.

Friday opened the show to a packed house,.. and I mean PACKED!! I have never, as announcer at TMR seen the crowds the swarmed our humble facility that night..WOW .. over a thousand spectators would be a gross understatement. Period. over 1000 bodies paid at the gate alone! This doesn’t count the class racers crews,and “sneakers” that always find their way in . I hope you all enjoyed the show!

57 Machines entered the Friday show, including the “Kelowna Street Outlaws” that have made TMR their home for the 2016 season. as well as the “Fastest Street Car Shootout” Competitors making test hits during the street drags program. and what a program!

To start the night off, the first pair of cars to hit the line Friday night included Jason Gagnon and his ’69 Chevy Camaro.. who wound that sucker up as the lights came down on the tree,.. and BOOOM!! ,. A Nitrous Backfire that lit up the stands and flowed over the windshield and roof of the car!! DO WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION NOW ?? .. HA! what a way to start the show. The Massive crowd went NUTS…and that was just the start of an unbelievable weekend.

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